Willys Harvest Tan


in search of ... the elusive Harvest Tan.

This color has long been absent from paint manufacturers databases.  PPG does still list Harvest Tan, #20422, but has "offset" it (read: substitute) to another color, which is not even close, being much lighter.  The piece on the left is from a '46 CJ-2A, the piece on the right is PPGs 20422 "Harvest Tan":

in search of...

a match for...

the formula...

but is it...

The mismatch was unacceptable, so I embarked on a plan to reproduce the correct color.

This project was only possible with the generous help of many others, who provided actual samples of paint from '45 and '46 CJ-2As, and gave me access to mix bases and a place to work.

A huge thanks to Tony, Gary, Rick, and "Mix Maestro" Bob!

Now the search is ended, and a formula is at hand.


All images link to higher resolution photos.

Do NOT compare colors between different photos. These photos were taken at different times, locations and lighting conditions, and are not accurate.

ONLY compare colors within a single photo for matching purposes.

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