CJ-2A Original Canvas Top and Bows


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The rear bow assembled. Uprights are 1" OD, 0.880" ID. Crossbar is 0.875-0.880" OD. The front bow assembled. Tubing is same size as rear bow. Metal rod are door frame top. Lower end of uprights have dog-legs for fitting inside tub rails.
Top bar assembled to upright. Upright has a stop pin thru it, 4" from end. Aligns w/crossbar (below). Stop pin is 2 3/4 in from end of tube. OAL of front bow uprights (held against wall as w/rear uprights) is 33.5"

End view of crossbar. Double notches align w/stop pin in uprights, keeping it all relatively rigid.

The ends of crossbars are TAPERED! Beginning about 3" from the end, tubing tapers from 0.880" down to 0.840" at the bottom of the notches. Makes for easy slip-fit assembly.

Another dog-leg view. More dimensions below.
Uprights curvature is NOT 90 degrees. I placed the upright perpendiculat to the wall for this shot. Stop pin is easily visible here. Front bow crossbar has this loop for attaching support bar to windshield frame top center. I am missing this support bar.
OAL of the upright is 34 3/4", placed against wall as in upper picture. Underside view of front crossbar loop.
Crossbars are gently curved. In this view, rear crossbar was pushed up against the wall. Inner arc was about 1.25" high. Likewise w/front crossbar.
Front bow upright dog-leg detail Front bow upright dog-leg detail


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