CJ-2A Original Canvas Top and Bows

This an early '45 CJ-2A soft top. It was found in the Napa Valley, California, area in '96 or' 97

The seller was the son of the original owner, and was "cleaning up shop" after inheriting the estate, and he remembered the jeep from his youth. The jeep was used as a work rig around the farm, but the top was rarely used since the weather was usually good. Some time during the early years of use, the jeep was destroyed in an accident, and the top sat there in storage, forgotten. His recollection was that it had been there since the late '40s.

During the cleanup, he found the top, and advertised it in one of the local Swap/Trade type newspapers. A friend was in the area at the time, informed me of it, and offered to buy it and bring it back to me. So I bought it sight unseen, based on his opinion that it was in very good shape. For being 50+ years old at the time, it is in great shape.

1) the door latches are on the door jambs, not the doors. This is a 1st. generation top, used up to s/n 114949, approx. mid-'47. Uses the protruding lower door hinge sockets, as seen here: Door Hinge Socket

2) the rear and side canvas does not overlap the tub. They barely reach the top of the tub rail. The canvas has certainly shrunk somewhat, so I have to see if I can stretch it back out again.

Last updated: June 16, 2008