CJ-2A Soft Top putup

My CJ-2A is still in a state of dissasembly for restoration, and many pieces are still missing or not yet installed in these photos. So these photos do not represent how the final soft top will look when installed on a fully functional CJ. They only show how the various parts go together. Only one side is shown.

Photos link to higher resolution images (800 x 600) in a new window.

Last updated: Feb. 20, 2005


 Gotta start somewhere:


<-- begin with the bows ...


and the bare tub -->


 <-- set up, the front bows and top door brace ...


set the cab top on the bows -->

attach front fasteners to windshield studs

wrap side flaps around the door brace rods


 <-- fasten the inner top flaps (3 of them) around the top crossbar ...


pull the cab backside flap down over the crossbar -->


 <-- half-cab top installed...


hang the half-cab back flap from the top -->


 <-- as seen from the inside...


for full-top: -->

remove half-cab flap and install rear bows


 <-- lay the rear top on the bows, and fasten to front top, sadwiched between top & rain flap...


front and rear tops installed -->


 <-- corners of rear top wrap around rear bow uprights...


and fasten down -->


 <-- seen from the rear, left side only fastened...

rear flap simply fastens to the opening. Never got a photo of it


now for the doors jambs: -->

insert the door jamb rod into the bracket on the door brace rod


 <-- bolt the lower end of the door frame rod to the tub lip..


wrap & fasten the upper flap of the door jamb around the door brace rod -->


 <-- and wrap the rear jamb flap around the top bow upright...


jamb installed, as seen from the outside -->


 <-- hang the rear side flaps..


hang the doors: -->

loosen the winshield clamps on the horizontal brace, insert door frame hinge pins into the upper & lower hinge brackets, and retighten winshield clamps


 <-- with inner windshield open, wrap the upper dorr flap around outer windshield post, and thread the flap around the adjuster ams & wiper tubing..


fasten the flaps from the inside -->

mine don't fit right due to shrinkage


 <-- fasten the lower door flaps to the side cowl w/the spring loaded push-buttons..

my cowl receptacles are missing here.


fasten the mid flap to tohe lower windshield frame -->

dzus fastrener also missing here


 <-- close the inner windshield. Windshield fits against the door canvas.


door installed-->

   <-- complete putup seen from the left side.