Willys CJ2A Heaters

The 3 different heaters used in CJ2A over the years.

First version, under dash, drivers side

used up to S/N 51228

Second version, under dash, drivers side

used after S/N 51228

up to S/N 181174

Harrison, passenger side

used after S/N 181174

The 1st & 2nd drivers side versions were essentially the same, differing only in mounting orientation. The Harrison was introduced late in production, apparently due to customer complaints that the original heater was inadequate in cold weather.

All heaters were optional, and might have been factory or dealer installed. The Harrison was no longer available factory installed beginning at S/N 204386. They could still be dealer installed at that time.

The rest of this page deals only with the drivers side heaters.

The first version was mounted horizontally under the dash just above the clutch pedal.

It didn't leave much room for large feet or oversize boots.

It was the same heater as used in MB winterization kits.

The mounting bracket, at the far right, is a piece of 90º angle iron.
The motor is mounted above the core, blowing air straight down onto your left foot.
In the second version, the mounting bracket angle has been crimped to 45º.

This is the approximate orientation when it's installed.

Gives more room to the clutch foot.

It's otherwise identical to the first version.
The change in mounting orientation means the heater core tubes will have to exit the firewall in a different location.

The tube knockouts for the first version are located just above the toeboard gusset

The tube knockouts for the second version are located higher and further outward, near the corner reinforcing.
Here, a first versions hoses can be seen below and left of the horn.
Another photo of a first version installation
Here's a second version hoses.

Note that the horn has been moved to the fender, since it would no longer fit on the firewall with the heater hoses.

From the CJ2A Maintenance Manual, this photo shows the heater switch installed just to the left of the headlight switch.

If a heater has never been installed, there's a knockout in the dash sheet metal for mounting the switch.

This is a switch mounted in an MB, from the winterization kit.

Appears to be the same switch used in the CJ2A manual illustration.

This is an NOS Filko switch.

It's just a rheostat with an "off" position. There's a light bulb under the cap for illumination.

Except for color, it looks to be the same switch.