1946 Willys Jeep CJ-2A

Column Shift Classic

This gem was at least 90% original. You see it as it was purchased (except wheels/tires)

I bought it for $800 from a dealer who had taken it as a trade-in, and drove it 90 miles home.

It had a few problems, but was driveable. The master cylinder leaked, had to top if off every 40 miles or so, the steering was sloppy (naturally), it would pop out of 2nd gear when lifting off the gas, and it had a good miss in #3 cylinder. I drove it locally for the next 2 1/2 years before deciding to fix the problems. By the time I got everything removed to fix what was needed, I decided to go all the way and do a ground-up restoration.

It was originally Pasture Green, but had 3 other colors atop that (blue, Forest Service green & red). Has a column shifter and tool indents

All numbers match:

Images all link to higher resolution photos (1024 x 768).