1946 CJ2A brake lines. Numerous shape & fit problems documented below:


Rear Axle Set, Dana 41

Just to verify that it IS a Dana 41 rear axle

Original left rear brake line. Line routes to rear side of axle tube, lays flat against axle tube (except for excursion around U-bolts), and has Z-bend to clear differential housing at axle-tube junction.

Original left rear brake line w/replacement line superimposed. New line routes to front side of axle tube, around spring pad, then back to rear of axle tube. Line has NO Z-bend to clear differential housing/tube junction.

Long view of original. Compare to new line below: Doesn't come close to fitting axle tube.

Note how replacement line is NOT bent to clear differential housing. See below view also:

Close up view of new left rear line installed. It does not lie flat against axle tube. Clamping it to the tube puts excessive stress/bends in tube.

Another view of new left rear line. Doesn't come close to fitting axle tube.

The original right rear line. Routes to rear side of axle tube. Conforms closely to axle tube and differential housing. Fit's snug to axle tube for clamping. Compare to new line below:


Long view of original right rear line. Compare to new line views below.

When line is bolted up, there's excessive clearance between liner and axle tube. Clamping the line causes excessive stress/bending.

When wheel cylinder end is attached, and brake line held close to axle tube, this is the degree of mis-match

And when bolted in position, new brake line does NOT have proper clearance for spring U-bolt.

Side-by side views of original & new right rear lines. Clearly not the same

Front Axle Set, Dana 25

Right side (long) line is shaped just like original. Some bends are a few degrees off, but it's close enough and fits adequately.

However, the left side (short) line has a problem.

With flex-hose end affixed in hose, it's easy to see that this line needs help. Center section (between bends) is too long by 1/4-3/8 inch. Will need significant re-bend to fit properly.

Frame Set

New and old front frame line. Note how Z-bend in new line prevents proper alignment w/flexhose mount. New line needs to be bent straighter to allow hose end clamping. New line also does not match up to frame clamp attachment point. (see little hole under looming on old line. Hole is clearly visible in photo below)

Original line fits properly at flex hose bracket. Notice lesser degree of bend. Note frame clamp hole.


Original line routing through frame reinforcements. New line routing seen below

This difference in routing is acceptable, but... notice that with front and rear frame lines attached to frame in their respective clamps, the master cylinder line ends are parallel. These need to be bent in at whaterver the appropriate angle is to have them fit easily into the double-banjo fitting on the master cylinder. As-is, they don't fit.