'46 CJ-2A

Hand Brake Adjusting Link

Details about the hand brake adjusting link, which Willys called the "Emergency brake operating lever link".

Photos link to higher resolution images (800 x 600)

The fully assembled link.  Consists of these parts (Part numbers are from Willys Parts Manual).

A-10334:  LINK, emergency brake operating lever
A-10336:  SPRING, operating lever spacer
    53538:  WASHER, flat, #10 ( 2 required)
A-10335:  NUT, operating lever, hex, #12-28
    53379:  NUT, lock, hex, #12-28
Individual parts breakdown & specifications:  

Link rod:  .190" dia., 1" of 12-28 threads
   OAL:       3.835"
   ball Dia.:    .395"
   ball length: .235"
   polarizing nub width: .135"

   OAL:     2.720"
   OD:          .340"
   Wire dia:   .050"
   coil turns:   29

Adjusting nut:  .435" long
Close ups of the working ends.

The adjusting nut is quite long, with a rounded end to fit the receptacle on the brake actuating lever.

The end of the rod is more or less hemispherical, with a polarization nub.  You're viewing the nub head-on in this shot.
The link rod was rotated 90º.

The polarization nub can be seen from the side now.
The end of the rod, w/nub, as it fits in the actuating cam receptacle.

When you swing the rod 90º to its working position, the nub is engaged in the cam slot, preventing the rod from freely rotating when you turn the adjusting nut.