Dualmatic Twin-Lever Hubs

Variations and differences

This page is a result of my attempts to find a hub which matched my originals.  My CJ2A had 2 different hubs, one long and one short, to fit the axles.  One original Bendix axle had been replaced by a Spicer.  The Spicer, not having the threaded axle end, didn't need a long hub.  Although I haven't found a match to the long hub, I have discovered a wide variety of differences in Dualmatic hubs.

For want of any other way to describe them, here's my findings:

4 Styles
A : rounded ribs with a flat top (the most common variety)
B : pointed ribs with a flat top
C : pointed ribs with a recessed top
D : NO ribs with a full top
2 types:
Full body, short top
Short body, full top
3 constructions:
Light duty
Medium duty
Heavy duty
2 cam & gear sets:
Heavy gear with narrow lock cams
Light gear with wide lock cams
Torrington needle bearing
Bronze bushing
NONE - gear rides directly in aluminum casting
2 sizes:
Long : fits axles with the threaded end
Short : fits axles with a non-threaded floating end

These are my original hubs.  They are style A, full body w/short top, light duty, have the light gear w/wide cam locks, one had a torrington bearing, the other had a bronze bushing, both removed here.

The interior is full cast, with very little reinforcing.  One is short, one is long.  Original color is undetermined.  I had begun to polish one of these in preparation for rebuild.

These are another mis-matched pair of style A, one long and one short.  These have the short body with the full top piece.

Notice the heavier construction than my originals above.  Beefier castings.  Use the large gear w/narrow cam locks, but NO bearing!

Another pair of style A, light duty construction, using the full body/short top, small gear/wide cam lock, and a broinze bushing. Blue originally.

And a third pair of style A. Full body (w/slightly more reinforcing)/short top, large gear/narrow cams and a bronze bushing.

Here's a style B.  At first glance looks like style A, but notice none of the corners of the "ribs" are rounded off.  They remain pointy.

Interior is fully machined, and looks a lot stronger.  Has full body/short top, small gear/wide cams and a Torrington bearing.

Style C looks like B, but the center is recessed.  No decals here!  Full body/short top, and the top is full thickness, no machine reliefs at all.

Heavy duty construction, using a small gear/wide cams, and a Torrington bearing.

And now for something completely different,   Style D!

Medium duty, Cast full body, machined short top, heavy gear/narrow cams, and NO bearing!

And then there's color.  The blue one is typical, but the black is something I wasn't aware of before.  Note the 1/8" pipe plug in the black one, for greasing without disassembly.

These both use short body/full top w/medium duty construction, large gear/narrow cams, and NO bearing.