'46 CJ-2A

Reflex Reflector

A "Corcoran Brown, Plastic #100" reflex reflector, as used on Willys MB & early CJs

Photos link to higher resolution images (800 x 600)

Reflex lens is a plastic "GROTELITE NO. 100"

Metal housing is ding, dent & scratch free, flange is absolutely flat, and mounting holes are not torque distorted.

Lens is slightly scratched and totally faded, but traces of red color can still be seen around the lens periphery.

This reflector had a least 2 coats of additional OD green on top of the original coat.

None of these stampings were visible when I found the reflector.

When I found this reflector, I could just barely make out the "STI" in "plastic".

My first thought was "STIMPSONITE", but this is even better.
You can still see traces of the original red on either side of "GROTELITE".
The backside has only the original coat of OD.