'46 CJ2A

Cylinder Block Castings & Markings

Engine S/N: 16634

Bare block:

4 freeze plugs
2 bellhousing bolts on this side (4 total)
2 bellhousing bolts on this side (4 total)
Casting Marks:

638632  W4  A  NI-CR

9-12  (presume 9-12-45)
Water pump boss:

S/N: CJ-2A 16634

Block was decked, so somewhat illegible, but S/N was recorded before decking.
Oil pump boss:  It's there, but unused
Block assembly date:


Stamped into the front left corner of the oil pan mouning flange.

Squint, or unfocus your eyes, to make out the "5" in 45.
Freeze plugs:

"Hubbard" & "W"
Unknown casting:

Cast into the drivers side, next to the oil pump flange.
Unknown stamping:

"Y" stamped in the litle boss at right rear corner, next to coil mounting studs.