Willys CJ2A

Dash Data Plate Revisions

Willys used 7 different dash VIN data plates on CJ2As. At least 5 of the changes occured during the '46 model run.

Since data plates are not a "maintenance" item, the serial numbers at which the changes occured are not documented in parts lists.

I'm collecting what data I can to determine when the changes were made. If you can help out,

Updated: November 19, 2012 (some photos link to larger images)

Beginning in 1945, at VIN 10001, the plate had a "WILLYS" logo.

#10043 (photo courtesy Bill O.)

Highest known VIN: 20528

The spread from "Willys" to "Jeep" is down to 924
During the '46 column shift period, it changed to "Jeep" script logo.


lowest known VIN: 21452 (photo courtesy Ricksslatts)

highest known VIN: 47187

UPDATE 7-28-09

Tag #47187 throws a monkey wrench into the works!

It is clearly a "truck" marked tag, but the number is all the way up there into the "1-piece" tag range! (see below)

Is this another case of Willys inconsistency?

Again during the column shift period, the word "truck" was removed, apparently due to customer compaints about higher "truck" licensing fees.


lowest known VIN: 33304 (photo courtesy Dino)

highest known VIN: 45150 (photo courtesy Jordan Koll)

The spread from 3-piece to 1-piece tags is 1041
Sometime later, the 3-piece set was changed to a 1-piece plate

The "Jeep" script and graphics are filled solid.

lowest known VIN: 46191 (photo courtesy Brandon G.)

highest known VIN: 57320 (photo courtesy "stick")

The spread from solid to outlined logo is still significant at 5752
Later, the "Jeep" script and graphics were changed from solid to outlined. It appears the first versions of this tag were made from brass.

lowest known VIN: 63072 (photo courtesy Daniel P.)

highest known VIN: 80861 (photo courtesy Mark J.)

It looks like there was a large overlap in Brass vs. Alum/Zinc plates. Another case of Willys simply grabbing whatever was handy off the shelf?
After brass, the plates were made identically from zinc and/or aluminum. Insufficent data to say which came first.

lowest known VIN: 71008 (photo courtesy Mike M.)

highest known VIN: 217424 (photo courtesy Paul D.)

as far as I know, this style plate was used throughout the rest of CJ2A production

A new one which throws the succession into disarray. A solid logo plate, with different graphics than the earlier solid logo design.

Heavier & larger text. Buildings, smoke, trees & clouds are different.

only known VIN: 183514 (photo courtesy Tyler K.)

Here ends (as far as I know) the CJ2A dash plate changes. One more dash plate follows, just to show that Willys couldn't stop!
This one likely didn't show up until CJ3A or 3B, but if you have a late 2A with one like this, LET ME KNOW!
  • Under "Jeep" a registered patent note has been added.
  • The word "Overland" had been removed from manufacturers name.
  • The last 4 lines have been changed from equal justification, to center justification.

So if you have VIN #'s within these ranges, please let me know which type of plate & VIN number it is:

If you have a photo, and wouldn't mind me using it on this page, please send it on over.


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