Willys CJ2A

Late Inner Windshield Adjusters (Lollipops)

Details, disassembly & refurbishment. Comparisons with NOS & used military ones too.

There were 2 styles of these lollipops used on CJ2A. The changes & differences are not documented in Willys manuals. Since they are 100% interchangeable, there was no need for a different part number.

For lack of anything better, I'll call them "type 1" & "type 2". Type 1 came first, being used immediately after the very early MB style adjusters. The switch to type 2 came shortly afterwards, during 1946, and possibly within the column shift period, as yet TBD.

Type 1 has a square nut for threading the wingbolt, type 2 has a circular nut.

A type 2 in pieces before cleaning.
After cleaning & degreasing.

Short arm and half the star washer have been bead blasted.

The metal is still in remarkabley good condition, with some of the original cad (or zinc) plate still on it.

Both arms, one not yet cleaned up.
After thorough cleaning/degreasing & bead blasting.

A sloping channel has been pressed into the head of the long lollipop.

One leg of the star washer fits into it, preventing the washer from rotating during adjustment.

Note how the steel has squished out the end from the pressing

The type 1 (left) does not have the channel.
Another minor anomaly.

The type 2 have a slight pinch on one edge of the long lollipop. Looks like it was gripped hard there during some machine operation. Possibly during pressing of the "channel".

If you find this on yours too, let me know!

The wing bolts from both types are identical in size and shape.

The brass one is from my own 2A type 1. It's the only brass one that I know of.

If you find another brass one, please let me know!

Military lollipops.

The newer looking one is an NOS pair, bought some years ago just for the star washers & wingbolts.

The single was salvaged from an old rustbucket Dodge WC (I think), year unknown.

Top is the old one salvaged from the WC.

Bottom is one of the new pair. Notice it has a part number stamped into the long arm.

The wings curve in opposite directions! I've seen this before on military wing bolts, and don't know what to make of it. Probably a manufaturer thing.

Part #: 19207-7373327
The nuts on the backside are identical, but different than the CJ2A square nut.
The wing bolts & star wahsher are identical too, and also different than the CJ2A.
After cleaning & stripping the paint.

The new ones are immaculate yellow cad/zinc, even the star washer. These would be relatively new manufacture, probably w/in the last 20 years.

The old one still has much of the cad plating. The star washer was not plated, just left the typical spring steel blue.

Closer view of the old one.

Notice it has the spring catch channel.

Closer view of the new one.

It also has a spring catch channel, but a poor one.

The part number is clear here.

After bead blasting the old one.

It cleaned up nice, but the star washer has pitting from surface rust. Still useable though.

The spring catch channel & wingbolts.

The new one isn't near deep or long enough. It is ineffective. The spring foot won't "catch" in it.

There's no evidence of the "pinch" mark as seen on the CJ2A type 2 arm.

How do CJ2A adjusters differ from military?
The nuts are different:

Military is slightly smaller, has radiused corners and edges, and is spot welded to the arm at each corner.

CJ2A has sharp, full square edges, and is friction welded to the arm (as is the circular nut).

The short arm bend is different:

CJ2A has much sharper Z-bend in the short arm, in both type 1 & 2

The wing bolt is different:

CJ2A has a hemi-spherical base, while the military is more conical.

Wing curvature is the same as the "new" military, and opposite the old WC military.

And the CJ2A (left) against the old WC arm.

The "divots" in the old WC one are smaller diameter on this side.

The difference in the wing bolt can also be seen here.