Willys CJ2A Windshield

some of the finer & obscure details

# 664801 - "BLOCK, weather, windshield hinge (felt), after serial no. 15304"

A chunk of felt, approx.. 3/8" x 3/8" x 1 1/4", held in the upper widnshield corners by a metal tab. From the looks of the photos, it provides the final weather seal where the rubber seal doesn't reach.

It seems odd that Willys would only call for this on windshields after s/n 15304. Surely the earlier windshield would have the same issue?

Front view.

The rubber seal doesn't extend high enough in this photo, but you can see where it would stop, and how the felt fills the remaining gap.

(photo courtesy Howard J.)

Inside view.

The sheetmetal lip that holds the felt in place appears to be part of the hinge channel piece, which is welded to the tubular member.

(photo courtesy Howard J.)

# 664261 - "BUMPER, back stop (rubber), after serial no. 15304".

The back stops are the 2 brackets spot welded to the lower tube of the outer frame. They prevent the inner windshield from being pulled all the way through the opening.

These are also only specified for s/n later that 15304. The reason is clear below.

The rubber bumper:
  • Far left is a Willys original
  • Far right is a Northstar repro
  • 2 in the Howards modification of the Northstar repro to make it more like the Willys original.

(photo courtesy Howard J.)

The back stop from inside, w/bumper installed.

This is on CJ2A VIN 23353

(photo courtesy Howard J.)

The earlier back stop (pre- s/n 15304).

No hole for a bumper to be fitted to. No bumper listed in the parts list for this one.

Reinforcing channel extends further upward than the above photo.

Crude mechanical drawing of the earlier style.

Dimensions are close, but approximate at best. It's difficult to get accurate measurements when it's installed.