CJ2A Inside Mirror??

same as OEM, but different color

What appears to be the same mirror used on Willys CJ2A, but not the right color (black)

Probably the same OEM manufacturer, destined for a different vehicle.

For reference, compare to the mirror here: Willys CJ2A Mirror Identification

The mirror is in exceptionally good shape.

Unfortunately, some previous owner modified the bracket.

The top has been cut off, and a new hole drilled.

A few very minor scratches on the housing
Ball socket is excellent, and still works great.

A little stiff, but will loosen up with use.

Just more detail.
The bracket has been hacked.

Top has been sawn off, rough edges are apparent, and a new hole has been drilled, not-quite on center either.

The glass is immaculate.

Not a scratch, and the reflective coating hasn't peeled or faded.

Smoky grey glass.

More to come!