CJ2A Steering Wheel

early metal spoke style

Black metal spokes, black "plastic" rim.

I've been told by old-timers that this material might be a soy bean based resin.

I've also heard that it's cellulose acetate.

Either way, it's not plastic. With petroleum being a strategic resource during the war, substitutes were used.

The "plastic" is crazed, but it's still solid, and the wheel is in very good condition overall.
The coloring seems to only permeate the outer surface of the "plastic".

This is the rear outer edge, and it's TRANSLUCENT!

You can see the metal hoop through it.

I'm presuming this is 60 years of wear from hands gripping and slipping on the outer rim.

And again from a different perspective.

Color is black, or a VERY dark brown, then fades to a yellowish clear.