CJ-2A Original Rear Seat

An amazing find, an original early style rear seat.   Claimed to have been sitting in storage for at least the past 30 years.  And it looked like it too.

Appears to be all original and nearly intact.  No tears in the fabric, minor broken stitching, cushions all there and undistorted, frame not broken, bent or dinged in any way, and with only minor surface rust.

Photos all link to higher resolution images (800 x 600)

As found (before cleaning) After a simple sponge bath, some staining remains.
Underside was dust and rust-free, so it had been sitting upright all those years!
Seat springs, lacings and retainer clips all intact with only minor surface rust.
The only loose stitching on the seat, part of he bottom cushion hinge flap.  An easy repair.

Rear pad, upper corners

Rear pad, lower corners

Bottom pad corners