CJ2A Column Shift

Shift Lever Anti-Rattle Spring

Some reasoning, and some conjecture, on how the shift lever anti-rattle spring is supposed to work.

The spring end is not bent at 90º, but slightly greater than that.

There's an indentation inside the shift lever bracket, where the curved spring end has worn a groove.
The indentation matches the angle of the spring end.
Theres an indentation in the end of the shift lever too. I have 3 levers, all are worn like this.
The spring fits this groove perfectly. The spring caused this wear groove.
When inserted into its mounting hole, the spring is not parallel to the shift lever ...
... and clearly won't just slip freely into the lever bracket
... but when compressed, and the shift lever inserted into position, the spring applies pressure to the upper flat surface of the bracket (red arrow).

With the > 90º bend in the end, the net effect is to push the lever outwards (green arrow) against the pivot screw.

It would seem the effectiveness as an anti-rattle device is fairly limited.