T-90 Side Shift Components

last updated: 6-28-05

The shift components of a T90 column shifted transmission, (AKA Willys "Remote Control" transmission)

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Part numbers from the Willys Parts List for Jeep CJ2a & CJ3a, 3rd edition, 1949

A: 640378 - shift fork, low & reverse gear
B: 640374 - shift fork, 2nd & 3rd gear
C: 647869 - shift lever, low & reverse gear
D: 640375 - shift lever, 2nd & 3rd gear
E: shift interlock poppet, consists of:
     sleeve - 640441, 640442, 640443, 640444 or 641310, selected by tolerance during assembly
     635838 - poppet ball, (2 required)
     640538 - poppet spring
     poppet pin, no part number (fits inside poppet spring spring)
F: 6298 - taper pin, (2 required, see "Taper Pin" note below)
G: 640383 - oil seal, (2 required).  Federal Mogul # 7399S
H: 640387 - outer lever, low & reverse gear
I: 643701 - outer lever, 2nd & 3rd gear
J: 375070 - clevis pin, (2 required)
K: 640386 - insulator, outer lever, (2 required, see "K vs k-1" note below)
k-1: insulator as removed from actual CJ2a

A, B, C & D: show up occasionally on ebay.

E, F, H, & I: I've never seen these parts outside of a complete transmission.   I've seen one example of an aftermarket outer lever (H or I) which was entirely different than the original, and would not work.

K: rumored to be available from Walcks

Most of these same parts were used on pickup, station wagon, & delivery vans (DJ series) up until 1960 or so.

*** Note - K vs k-1:  Item k-1 is the remaining intact grommet/sleeve that came off my '46.  K are NOS Willys parts which I found. I suspect that K was an assembly-line item and k-1 was a field repair part.  K has the steel sleeve molded into the rubber, and it's very difficult to install by hand.  k-1 is a softer rubber, and installs easily, with the steel sleeve inserted after the rubber grommet is installed.

*** Note - Taper Pins: I've been told that taper pins are an SAE and AN standard. They are available from machinery supply houses and aircraft hardware suppliers.

If you're looking to find some, the dimensions of my pins are:
  • Length:  1.3 +/- .005"
  • Max dia.:  0.158-0.160"
  • Min dia.:  0.133-0.135"