CJ2A Identification

Manufacturers marks and unique features
Where to look for different data tags & features.

The data tags are often missing or covered over. Other features can help ID it.

Frame tag is located on the left front frame rail, just behind the bumper.

  • Early 2As on the inside
  • Later 2As on the outside
The firewall can tell you a lot.
  • Willys data tags were in the upper corner of the passenger side.
  • ACM number stamped on the drivers toeboard gusset
  • Oval cutout for column shift up to serial no. 38221. After that it was round hole.

Heaters were optional. If a heater was never installed, you'll still have knockouts filling the holes.

  • Early drivers side heater (Green) used up to serial no. 51228
  • Late drivers side heater (Orange) used from 51228 up to 181174. The firewall mount horn was discontinued at 51228.
  • Passenger side Harrison heater (Violet) was used from 181175 to end of production.