CJ2A Dash and Firewall

holes for the various components

Dash Holes

The Hi-beam tell-tale light was not introduced until serial no. 32434, so no hole before that.

If a heater or governor were never installed, the holes will have knock-outs.

The dash light switch is on the bottom lip of the dash. Used up to serial no. 116421.

Firewall Holes
The "+6v feed" wire hole includes:
  • The hot feed wire from the starter switch to the ammeter + terminal.
  • The charging wire from voltage regulator to the ammeter - terminal.
  • The ignition primary wire, from coil to distributor.

The "Main" wire bundle hole includes:

  • Headlight wire, from main light switch to dimmer switch
  • Marker light wire, from main light switch.
  • Horn wire

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