Most images here are scanned from the 1945 Willys CJ2A Maintenance Manual. One comes from the '65 Service Manual. These are real photographs of actual CJ2As. There are those who might say they are not photographs, but drawings, or photos which have been touched-up, and I can't disprove that. Certainly, some of the photos have been retouched when it served a purpose. But if it served no purpose, why would Willys waste the time and money to alter them? Like any other corporation, they wouldn't spend money needlessly.

While these photos are grainy and have an "unreal" appearance about them, I think that's due to two reasons:

1) the technology of the day to clearly transfer photos to the printed page was limited

2) highly detailed photos were not needed for the purposes of illustrating a service or parts manual

Here's examples of real photos taken from the manuals. I think you'll agree, they are clearly photographs, not drawings.

They HAVE been retouched, but only to the extent necessary to highlight the parts, tools and/or procedures used in the maintenance item being described.

Keep these in mind when you view the rest of the photos on the main page, you'll see they all share that "unreal" look.