Allis-Chalmers M-7 Snow Tractor

Willys L-134 GoDevil engine

This rig has no discernable manufacturer markings. Engine has not yet been inspected in detail for serial numbers and/or casting numbers, but it's clearly a Willys L-134, probably of 1944-45 vintage.

This had a half-track rear, the rear half is missing.

It has canvas fasteners around the windshield, and down the cowl, so it was intended for inclement weather operation.

Pictures all link to higher resolution images (640 x 480).

Marker light atop headlights look like MB

Intake manifold & radiator tube look like MB

Steering wheel looks like late MB

Embossed air cleaner, oil filter canister & generator adjusting arm look like MB

Can't argue about "Willys"

G503 voltage regulator

T-84 transmission w/2-speed gearbox on output.