Having searched many years for a good #1 leaf for the front springs without success, it was time to repair the original as best I could.

The pivot bolt had worn completely throught the bushing, and then wore a channel into the spring eye itself.

Considering how much weight is borne by each spring eye (appx. 375 lbs. max. : 3000 lb GVW ÷ 8), and that JB Weld has 3960 lbs tensile strength, I figured it should work. Time will tell, but it's got to be better than no repair at all.

Thumbnails link to larger images.

The original spring leaves were still good, except for the #1 leaf, and a bit of surface rust. Location & orientation of the rebound clips was noted.

Note original clip orientations.

Not mirror imaged.

Pivot eye wear.
Worn area was filled w/JB Weld, and smoothed to approximate the inner eye contour. After 24 hour cure, the JB Weld was slowly cut down with an adjustable reamed, until the hole was circular again. This step has to be done in tiny increments, so no spring steel is removed.

Ready for JB Weld.

Adjustable reamer.

First scrapings of the reamer.
Once the JB Weld was reamed down, and the ends cleaned up, new bushings were pressed in. I was worried the pressure might break the JB Weld, but it held!

Nearly reamed all the way.

End slop cleaned up with a file.

New bushing pressed in.
All spring leaves were cleaned, sandblasted, primed w/rust inhibiting primer, and painted chassis black.



Ready to go together.
Rebound clips prepared for use.

NOS parts as received.

Cleaned & bead blasted

Powder coated.
Spring pack reassembly.

Leaves oriented as originally.

Lubed w/Kano "Slikene" (teflon spray).

Loosely bolted.

All in place.

Moved to hard flat surface.

Tightly clamped & bolted.
Rebound clip installation. Took me a few tries before I settled on this method. It worked good!.

Prop a clip in padded vise.

Drop the spring pack in the "Saddle", and snug the vise good.

Clamp the leaves tight.
Tight clamping keep everything aligned.

Clamp the pack snug into the saddle.

Bend the tabbed end inward.

Remove clamp & finish tabbed bend.
Tried hardwood blocks when bending things, but the steel was too hard, and the wood split. Settled on a brass drift, though it left marks that need to be touched up.

Bend the loop end over the tab.

Pry the tab upward.

Finish bending it with a drift.
All done. Powder coating cracked where it was bent 90, but I half expected that. Didn't know if it would or wouldn't, but had to try it.

Completed rebound clip, needs touch-up.

Side view.

One end pair.

Complete spring.

Complete pair.

Waiting for a front axle!.

Found that both #3 leaves were stamped "1".

And some photos of DIY rebound clips.

DIY clips.