CJ2A Parts List Database

v1.0 - Oct 19, 2008

Database design is essentially complete now.

Still have some tweaking & optimizing to do, but it's fully featured, and useable as-is.

All that remains is DATA ENTRY! Lots of data yet to collect, but it will all be accessible now.

Individual "Part Detail" page - added 10/19/08

This page displays every detail Willys had in their parts list, PLUS many additional data points:

  • Part breakdown: If Willys listed it as a "kit", "set" or "assembly", the component parts are shown
  • Characteristics: eg, markings, color, finish,material, etc., etc.
  • Alternative parts: other manufacturers parts, new repro, NOS, modern service, etc.
  • Comments: any pertinent info that users & owners may find informative
  • Links: to other web pages with pertinent information regarding this part
  • Photos: whatever photos may be appropriate for identification or detail
  • Bulletins: excerpts from WIllys service bulletins or memos regarding this part.
  • For future use: any number of addition data records can be added for any part.

"Search for parts(s)" option - added 7/30/08

You can to search by part number, or description keyword:

  1. Use at least 3 characters and/or numbers in the search data fields
  2. Unless specified otherwise, part search is sorted in "natural" order. ie, by Group, just like the paper manuals

Depending on how the search is structured, some non-part data may appear in the results.
The database tables need updating to eliminate that - coming soon.

Illustrations - added 2/3/08

Parts List llustrations are now available from the link on each group view page

  1. The illustrations are pertinent to the group you're curently viewing
  2. Illustrations common to all 3 manuals are always shown
  3. Illustrations specific to the '45 or '49 lists are only shown if you have selected the checkbox to view those lists

"Browse Group Listings" option

You can make your choices in any order, but this order is most sensible:

  1. Select a main group number
  2. Select a secondary group number (this doesn't show until after step 1)
  3. Pick the parts list(s) that you want to see parts from
  4. Optional - Put in your VIN/engine number, and non-applicable parts won't show

Data columns

  • Part number - straight out of the manuals
  • Description - straight out of the manuals.
           Other notes & VIN numbers now included the description field when appropriate
  • Useage - straight out of the manuals
  • Quantity - straight out of the manuals
  • Superceded - part has been/is being replaced by this one,
           or is interchangeable with it
  • Editions - the Part List editions that show this part
  • "from/to #" numbers - when shown, the VIN range the part was used over
  • "un-named" column - when you see an "s" or an "e" in it's own column, that indicates if the "from/to" number is a vehicle serial number ("s"), or engine number ("E")