Willys Harvest Tan


but is it ... the exact color? the perfect match?

      The simple answer is ... NO!

There's no such thing as an exact color or perfect match.

Consider the three original pieces I had to work from. Tonys is clearly a little bit darker than the other two. This could be for a couple of reasons:

1) An OEM color has a tolerance specification. When colors are being mixed in huge quantities (thousands of gallons at a time) for assembly line use, absolute precision takes a back seat to cost and delivery time. As long as it's close (within manufacturers stated tolerance) in shade and tone, it's acceptable.

So from one batch to the next, there might be a small, but noticeable, difference.

2) Color will vary with environmental conditions (temperature and humidity), the skill of the painter, and the application of the paint! This was an eye opener for me.

in search of...

a match for...

the formula...

but is it...

These 2 test pieces were shot with the SAME paint, from the SAME gun at the SAME time!

The piece on the left was shot with a light coat, the piece on the right with a medium coat, and then I dribbled a couple of drops out of the gun on it.

The heavier the coat, the darker it dries!


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