Willys Harvest Tan


a match for ... some actual pieces.

These are the three sample pieces I had to work with: Ricks headlight bezel, Tonys '46 sheet metal, and Garys sheet metal.

Tonys piece is slightly darker, while Gary and Ricks pieces are virtually identical in color, so I chose to use them for the match

in search of...

a match for...

the formula...

but is it...

After searching through PPGs color catalogs, I found a Fleet color which was MUCH closer than the 20422 which PPG calls Harvest Tan.

This is compared to Tonys piece, with a DuPont color chip at lower right

Using Fleet 23013 as the start point, base colors were added and/or reduced until a suitable match was made:

Here we have Ricks headlight bezel, and and Garys sheet metal, placed on a large test piece sprayed with the final match formula.

That's as good as I can get it!

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